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Anonymous asked: Do you have a boyfriend?


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rvresupreme asked: appreciate the follow love <3

Ofcourse and thanks for the love:)



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Anonymous asked: When is Angel$ dropping??? I'm so anxious!

://///I’ve been sick. I’m sorry I’m anxious too. Can the gods bless me enough to finish editinggggg

lovexinfinityxlove asked: follow back? c: btw love your tumblr 😍 and can you give me the link to your tumblr theme please :/ it's amazing ❤

Thanks mama I got u on the follow back and I haven’t changed my theme since I made tumblr smh so idk



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Promise to love uuuuuuu and obey

Promise to love uuuuuuu and obey

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eccentricivy asked: Love your face lol! 😍Follow back?

nd i love urrrrsssss, ofcourse!<3

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yougotmell asked: hey can we follow each other on ig WhoGotMell




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i forgot i used to be bald

i forgot i used to be bald

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neverwho asked: Follow back? Btw your gorgeous. 😍

Sure graciasss

me-aym asked: Thanks for the follow. Your style is unique.

Welcome, and thanks darlin